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CDHS Dresscode Decoded

Updated: Jun 3

By: Mackenzie McKnight


The Central DeWitt Dress Code could be considered a pretty standard dress code. Some might say certain aspects of this set of rules could be considered questionable, while others could argue that without enforcing it, students could become “distracted” and foster an unprofessional learning environment.


Various students and teachers were asked a few questions about what they thought of the dress code.


Sophomore Nazahra Gambleton said that she personally has not been “dress coded” but does believe that students should be able to wear whatever they want, as long as it covers everything. Gambleton also stated that most of the rules make sense to have, but that if they are going to have it, then the school should enforce this policy more often.


One student, who has violated the code, said that she believes it is unfair and unjustified for girls. She says that it should be more equal. If girls aren’t allowed to wear tank-tops then guys shouldn’t either.


Sophomore Caleb Gilmor said, “If the school is going to have a dress code, then all of the teachers should follow through with applying it to every single student that is not following it. Otherwise, it’s not fair and we just shouldn’t have it at all.”


Science teacher, Dr. Ensign, stated that he thinks the dress code we currently have is a good starting point to show students what is or isn’t acceptable in a work environment.


Overall, multiple students agreed that the dress code should be enforced more and that if they could change anything, they would allow crop-tops, as long as everything is covered. There were also a few students who said that they would take the thumb rule out; since not all students are the same height, their arms would reach different lengths.


From looking at all of this information, it’s reasonable to say that DeWitt's students and staff agree that this policy isn’t as bad as some people think.


For reference, the dress code includes things like;

●      Nothing to promote illegal products, display obscene material, sexual remarks, or include profanity

●      No midriffs exposed, undergarments cannot be shown; no spaghetti straps, crop tops or tube tops (along with other tops of the sort)

●      Hem of shirt must touch waistband of pants, shorts/skirts must reach thumb when standing

●      Hoods can not be up, hats can be worn - Slippers are not allowed, flip flops are okay


It is also stated that students’ appearance and conduct is strongly connected to their academic performance.


A quote directly from the student handbook states that, “Inappropriate student appearance may cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students, employees, and visitors on school grounds.”

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