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Opinion: On Varying Experiences at CDHS 

By: Ryan Zidarich


            There is an age-old question that has been brought up time and time again, do you dictate your environment or does it dictate you? In a recent poll, students and staff at Central DeWitt High School gave their thoughts and opinions on how they view the school, “How would you describe CDHS in seven words?”

            The high school experience is not a cookie cutter or a mold that fits everyone, so the experiences encountered by different people will vary. Whether you have been in the district your whole life, moved a few years ago, or are fresh to the area, there is plenty that this school has to offer.

            Formed in 1958, the Central DeWitt School District combined local students into one district, consisting of those from Grand Mound, Welton, Low Moore, and Dewitt. These schools were all shut down around the 1970s, leading to the rise of Central DeWitt.

Marie Klostermann, a freshman, responded by saying, “Welcoming, structured, supportive, Diverse, Flexible, Positive, Inclusive.” She later stated, “I feel like Dewitt is good at including everyone. Teachers always try to making sure that students are working their hardest.”

Caden Bernaur, a sophomore here at Central DeWitt, described the school as, “Fun quirky little small-town high school.” When asked to expand on this response he stated, “We all have a lot of fun, but the school kind of has its own quirks. Our school has every different person that you can think of.”


Ava Staub, a junior at DeWitt, said, “{I think our high school is very} educating, positive, influential, enjoyable, exciting, eventful, engaging.”


Caleb Govert, at senior, stated, “A large brick building with bad internet.” When asked to expand on this, he said, “I chose these words because Central Dewitt High School is, in fact, a large brick building with bad internet.”


Lastly, Dr. Ensign, a biology, A and P, and Medical Terminology teacher at Central Dewitt stated, “Community, growth, and development are fostered continually!”


Central Dewitt has a welcoming environment and community that allows for anyone to become successful in their own ways.




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