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Ready for a brain freeze? Cups and Cones Reopens.

By: Mackenzie McKnight

Cups and Cones recently reopened for the summer time. Even though it opened up on April 1st this year, it was definitely not an April Fools joke. The outdoor ice cream place just so happened to open on a day where it snowed. The snow might not have been planned, but the grand opening definitely was.

Annie Fier, the general manager at Cups and Cones since she started at the beginning of last year, said, “There’s a lot of things that go into preparing to open. We have to do an inventory of everything that we use, and then we use that to see what needs to be ordered. We have to go in and do deep cleaning, then we get the machines up and running to see if anything needs fixed. Once all that is done we can open.”

The shop is very well known for its different specialty ice cream flavor of the week throughout the whole summer. Some employee favorites consist of; raspberry, strawberry, key-lime and coconut, peach, and butter pecan. While some common non-employee favorites consist of; coffee, mint, pumpkin, cotton candy, salted caramel, and cake batter.

Senior Kali Kazinski, who has been working there since July 2023, said, “My favorite part about working at Cups and Cones is the environment, the people, it’s very fun, and I get to talk to strangers.”

Senior Emma Huyten, who has been working there for four years now, said, “Something fun that we do is we hide two tiny plastic ducks and a baby while working, and then we make scavenger hunts out of it for the next shift.”

One fun quirk about Cups and Cones is the Flintstones dinosaur, Dino, sitting next to the building. Customers are able to ride Dino for 25 cents. Something you might not know about the dinosaur, is that if you’re really lucky it might play the Flintstones theme song while riding it.

In addition, a couple interesting history facts that you might not know about the shop is that Cups and Cones was originally called Tastee Freez and was first opened during the 1950s. Former President Barack Obama went to Cups and Cones during his presidential campaign on August 16, 2011.

Annie Fier said that as of right now, they don’t need any help and that they are pretty set on employees, but once business picks up and schools out, they will consider hiring more people. 

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