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Showtime for the Summer: Movie Releases Coming This Year

Showtime for the Summer: Movie Releases Coming This Year

By: Clara LeConte


As we’re all awaiting the coming of summer, we think of swimming, tanning, going to the beach, and more. Another activity that is always awaited is the release of upcoming movies. We wait with anticipation for new releases of movies we’ve never heard of or sequels to our favorite movies. So what about this summer? Are there any movies releasing this summer that will have us waiting on the edges of our seats?


The answer is yes. There are many movies coming out this summer, from family, animated movies to action packed thrillers. First is IF, which stands for imaginary friends. This movie revolves around a girl who goes on an adventure to reconnect with other’s imaginary friends as they have been forgotten. It stars Ryan Reynolds and was written by John Krasinski as an attempt to bring his children’s imaginations to life during the pandemic.


Another animated movie coming this summer is Inside Out 2. This sequel brings the emotions inside a girl’s head to life again. However, the emotion’s worlds are turned upside down when anxiety shows up to the party. It is set to release on June 14, 2024.


Kerrigan Jefford, a sophomore at Central DeWitt High School, discussed the release of both of these movies. She commented, “My dad and I love watching new movies and we’re really excited about the new IF movie because we like Ryan Reynolds”. Kerrigan also mentioned how she was excited to see Inside Out 2.


Switching genres, there are many new horror movies coming out this summer. One of which is A Quiet Place: Day One.  The release date of the film is June 28, 2024. This movie serves as a prequel to the previous Quiet Place movies and follows a new family: a New Yorker who must fight to stay alive during the first moments of an alien invasion.


A thriller coming this summer set to release on the 19th of July is Twister. It is also a sequel to the first Twister movie. It stars Glen Powel as him and his team fight for their lives to chase an intense storm.


A new marvel movie in the form of an action/comedy is coming out on July 26, 2024: Deadpool and Wolverine. It stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. As the two’s paths cross, they team up to defeat a common enemy.


And finally, for all of the romance book lovers: It Ends With Us. This movie is based off of a novel by Colleen Hoover that was loosely based off of a true story. Starring Blake Lively, the movie shows the life of a woman as her high school love interest comes back into her life. The release date for this romance is set for August 9th.


While there are many more exciting movies being released this year, these are just a couple of the awaited movies. So grab your popcorn and a comfy blanket and buckle up for all of these exhilarating new films coming out this year!

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