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Rules of the Student Section

With football on its way and many student sections to come, it's time for a review

Article By: Publications Staff Photo By: Rylie Dunne

Freshman in the back: I know it sucks and seem a little classist, but we've all been there. Go to the back and fill in the empty spots after the game starts.

Listen to the seniors: Throughout the game the seniors will be calling out cheers. Sometimes they go by fast. Be sure to pay attention so you don't miss them! The seniors will tell you when to stand and when to sit, they know what they're doing. Follow along.

Know the cheers: Learn the cheers

and know what to do. Only seniors can call a cheer, know your place. We repeat each cheer only 3 times. If you're not going to chant, get out. Freshmen, learn battle cry, it's not that hard.

Dress to the theme: Follow the twitter (@saberstudentsec), instagram (@saberstudentsec) or ask a friend what to wear.

Be respectful: Don't throw things at other people. Clean up your mess and throw your trash in the garbage. Don't yell slurs at the other team it makes you and our school look bad.

DeWitt Only: Don't bring friends from other schools into the student section. High school students only, no middle schoolers or graduates.

Respect Mrs. Wildes: Our student section monitors volunteer their Friday to allow us to have a great FNL.

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