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What Would You Do Without WiFi

Updated: May 4, 2023

This morning, CDHS endured what no teenager could ever fathom, the internet was down. Until about 8:45, the students, teachers, and staff had to work around this issue. We went around the halls asking passing students and staff what they did without the WiFi.

Mr.Taylor, Science Teacher

"We were supposed to do an online PHET simulation but had to pull out the text books and come up with an activity out of thin air"

Austin Terry

"We just did book work so it didn't affect me that much"

Mitchell Belk

"It was so boring because we had to write out our answers instead of typing them on the computer for the APUSH test"

Christopher Wrage

"I was in foods so I just made tacos"

Aleigha Navin

" I was in choir so it didn't effect me that much, but I couldn't use my phone"

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