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Year In Review: Musical

Written by: Valerie Mickelson Photo by: Kennady Donovan

This year's musical was the classic Mamma Mia! The Central DeWitt 2022 retelling of the classic story of mamma mia, had many talented and unique cast members! The talented cast includes Sabine Housenga as donna, Marjory Alger as Sophie, Regina Klostermann as Rosie, Kali Kaczinski as Tanya, Elston Linder as Sam, Evan Kinney as Bill, and Gabe Kuehl as Harry. Practicing for the show new director Frances Dunbar pushed the cast to work more on their improvisational skills by doing exercises like Zip! Zap! Zop! An improv game where the player yells and does random actions based on if they get Zip Zap or Zop, this game helped the cast improve their fears of embarrassment and work on their fast thinking skills.

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